14 Electives To Choose From
Take charge of your career with our comprehensive CE courses. Continuing Education consists of the courses required for retaining your real estate license. We offer flexible, reliable, state-specific courses and engaging electives that follow current trends and issues in the industry.
General Update (GENUP)
This is the "mandatory" update course for anyone who is NOT currenly a BIC or BIC Eligible. This year's course will address the following topics: Law and Rule Updates, Material Facts, Contract and Agency Issues, Property Management and a Licensing and Education Review.
Broker-In-Charge Update (BICUP)
If you were a BIC as of July 1, 2019 this is the update course you will need to take in order to maintain your status as a BIC. Our instructors will teach you the important details about topics that are specifically geared towards your position. This year we will address: Law & Rule Updates, Disclosure of Material Facts, Contract and Agency Issues, Property Management and Licensing and Education Review.
Scruples and the Code of Ethics
As a member of NAR, a realtor must take an approved ethics course once every four years in order to maintain an active license. The current four-year cycle ends on December 31st. Have you taken your ethics course yet this 4-year cycle? Our ethics course is designed to share some unique theories of ethical decision making and is presented in ways to make the learning fun and informative.
CMA Confidence in an Imperfect World
New to our course offerings, this class will address one of the most frustrating areas of real estate practice – CMA. A nationwide poll allowed us to narrow down the 20 most frustrating aspects of the CMA process and in this course, we will address them all. From recent NC rule changes to viewing comparable in a new and beneficial way, we have you covered. This course is jam packed with pertinent material that could easily be broken up into two separate courses, but we've managed to put it all in one.
Real Estate Re-Shuffle
Real Estate Re-Shuffle is an elective class designed for residential & commercial brokers, property managers and lenders in the Triangle area. Students will look at how the pandemic permanently changed our local real estate market along with the "new normal" for all of us as we review the 4 signs of a real estate bubble bursting, new technologies in our industry, new lending guidelines and giving advice to our buyers and sellers in this ever-changing market.
What's New in New Construction
This course is written for licensed builders, onsite agents and buyer brokers. We begin with a look at the current new construction market both locally and nationally along with the most common troubles spots onsite agents have with buyer brokers. Brokers will study common new home scenarios (contracts, upgrades, lot selection, builder walkthroughs and inspections) and how they are handled differently by the onsite agent and the buyer's agent. We conclude with trends in the construction industry today.
Ten Important Dance Moves For Property Managers
Property Managers have one of the toughest jobs in the industry. With owners on one side, tenants on the other, and the Commission judging your every step, property managers need to be light on their feet and must keep abreast of the latest moves. Written by attorneys and active property managers, Dance Faster will teach students how to waltz their way around the landmines in this field, keep their clients happy, and avoid stepping on any toes.
Winning at Win-Win
Discover a step-by-step formula for guiding your client through a successful negotiation. The benefit is all parties achieve their goals. This course uses a buyer transaction to demonstrate the formula however, you can apply the knowledge to any transaction, real estate or other negotiating events.
Fundamentals of Residential Investing
Our Director Tom Mangum explains how to properly analyze investment opportunities and decide if they fit your investment plan. Tom has been an active investor in residential properties since he was in college and will teach you how to engage in investing for yourself, therefore making you better suited to assist your clients in purchasing investment properties.
Unforgettable Client Service
Real estate clients have a much higher expectation of service than they ever have before. While most agents believe they provide a high level of service, the question is, “Does an agent have a replicable service system that delivers to every client every time?” This course investigates what clients want and shows you how to create a system via client mapping.
Playing the Hand You’re Dealt
Master financing concepts that expand your buyer's and seller's options. Techniques that combat the 'iBuyer' craze and succeed in multiple-offer situations are outlined. Students will explore methods and loan programs that reduce the cash-to-close requirement. Discover why it's better to buy now before saving up 20% down. Strategies that reduce mandatory waiting periods, increase buying power and quickly improve credit scores are covered.
Read Between The Lines: Helping Investors Understand The Numbers
By the completion of the course, students should feel comfortable designing a custom real estate portfolio for scalable residential investment customers. Students will be able to analyze assets in order to advise on varying factors that affect property returns. Examples from the local market will be discussed to appraise students’ calculations, estimates, and return percentages through in-class evaluation.
There Goes The Neighborhood
This course addresses the evolution of neighborhoods and their life cycles from old to new and the challenges of buying and selling in these gentrifying areas.
Mortgage Mechanics
Agents will learn what they need to know about interest rate trends and some critical overall mortgage concepts that can streamline their business. Useful Rules of Thumb will be covered along with the 3 C’s underwriters analyze for approval. Realtors will discover the ‘red flags’ that denote a flawed appraisal and how to formulate an appeal. Explore how commissions are paid before ground-breaking on new construction.
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