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Once licensed, a Provisional Broker must complete 3 Post Licensing courses within 18 months of initial licensure to retain eligibility to actively engage in real estate activities. You may take all 90 hours during your first year of licensure. You can take them in any order, there is no limitation on how quickly, you have a variety to choose from, but you must take all three courses without duplicating.

After completing each of the three 30-hour Broker Post-Licensing courses, your "Provisional" status is removed, and you are a "Broker".
BROKER RELATIONSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITIES Topics covered in this course include:
- Agency Relationships and Duties
- A Practical Review
- Working with Sellers (Residential Sales)
- Working with Buyers (Residential Sales)
- Compensation & other issues when agents leave/change firm
- License status & education issues CONTRACTS AND CLOSING Topics covered in this course include:
- Real Estate Sales Contracts
- Closing Procedures and statements
- Agent's Post-Closing Duties and Termination of Agency Relationship
- License status & education issues NC LAWS & RULES Topics covered in this course include:
- Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
- Residential Property Management Basics
- Land Use Controls and the Real Estate Agent
- Loan Fraud
- License Law Case Studies
- Miscellaneous License Law Issues
- Fair Housing Do's and Don'ts
- Legal Requirements for Establishing a Brokerage Firm
- Manufactured and Modular Home
- Handling Sales of Foreclosed Property (FHA, VA & Others)

In order to pass a post-licensing class, you must attend at least 90% of the class, which means that you cannot miss more than 3 hours of the class. You must also pass the class exam by scoring at least 75%. At the HPW Real Estate School, we grade your test upon completion so that you know your score immediately. When you pass, you will be promptly notified and receive an electronic copy of your Certificate of Completion. We report the completion to the NCREC, and you keep the certificate for your records.

If a Provisional Broker fails to complete all three Post-Licensing courses by the end of the 18 months after initial licensure, his or her license will be cancelled.

Textbooks are NOT included in the tuition for the Broker Post-Licensing courses. Students will be required to purchase the North Carolina Real Estate Manual at a cost of $55. This text is used for all three Broker Post-Licensing courses. Textbooks and digital versions may be purchased at the HPW Real Estate School or directly from the NCREC Real Estate Commission.
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